Monday, January 23, 2012

After reviewing Partnership for 21st Century Skills, I found myself not very interested.  It may be the formatting, but it did not capture my attention.  What I did find intriguing is a site that incorporated views from business, education, and government leaders.  To best prepare our students for their career it is in our best interest as educators to have an open communication with our community members.  I appreciate the attempt to advocate for our students to receive the proper education they deserve in order to successful in their futures.  Although, P21 Statement on the Presidents State of the Union Address mentions how President Obama understands the importance for 21st century readiness, but it does not feel like that is trickling down to the actual school districts.  Currently I work very hard at creating lessons that incorporate the 3r's and the 4c's.  I was not calling them 4c's until now, but more or less that is what I have always been a believer in.  Communication is the key to open any door is what I always remind my students.  When building lessons that connect to meaningful real world experiences that incorporate critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, communication and creativity and innovation.  Yet, part of the struggle educators face is we have districts adopt curriculum that we are told to strictly follow.  When time is very short each day it does not allow for much creativity to take place when following a scripted curriculum.  We need more freedom to teach standards in a more project based learning environment that would help our students become 21st century ready.  Overall, what this site has shared with me is the fact that the world is aware and seeking a career ready student.  Educators are now forced to be more innovative. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Well fabulous.  Trying to work out the bugs on my new adventure of creating a blog and I deleted all the blogs and comments made to my blog.  So frustrated!  I wish I had quite while I was ahead.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Useful ways to use blogs in your classroom

At the beginning of next year, I plan to have a blog up and running.  I plan to use the blog as a way for students to reflect on their learning once a week.  In order for all students to be able to access the opportunity of posting their response I will have to make sure I allow lab time and/or opportunities to use the four classroom computers I have. 
By students reflecting on their own learning in response to the weekly objectives I post, I will be able to gain information about what key points students their understood or therefore did not understand.  This will help me differentiate my instruction and adjust my lessons according to my students' needs. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Keeping current in the classroom

I hear so much about the classroom response systems.  I would like to know if there is a system that you find to be very user friendly.  My colleague recently purchased a set for her classroom only to find a set she prefered better a few months later.  Of course things like this always happen, but hopefully with help from others I can avoid purchasing a less effective system.