Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My GAME Plan Progress!

My GAME plan is running about as expected.  I clearly need extra time in my day to sit down and gather the materials necessary to get the ball rolling.  What I have achieved thus far is I have made contact with the company I would like to purchase the Share software from.  A customer service representative followed up with me today, but I have yet to pick through the information thoroughly.  After reading through this week’s chapter on assessment, questions just started rippling through my mind when I got to the area that focused on the uses of portfolios.  The text mentioned to be careful when choosing software.  Immediately, I became worried about the software I am getting closer to buying.  Apparently I need to think about the fact that I want my students to be able to access their portfolios in the future or even at home this year, but if program can only be used on the computer that has the software downloaded to it then my students would be out of luck.  So, I will definitely ask this important question when I speak with the company rep again, but meanwhile I think I am considering modifying my portfolio idea a bit.  Portfolios can be created using word-processing documents.  I like the idea of a simple, neat packaged program, but it may not be effective for what I am trying to do.  As far as purchasing a scanner, I realized I do not need one.  I can always take digital photos and upload items that way or I can capture the image using my document camera, which is connected to my computer.  Overall, I am still in the early planning stages, but I know this is what I want to do with my students.  Today a really low functioning student that is always getting in trouble completed an assignment.  It grabbed my attention so I called him up to let him know how proud I was that he focused enough to complete an assignment.  Five minutes passed and he walked back up with a huge smile to ask me if I would please share that assignment with his parents at conference.  I realized right then how valuable these portfolios are going to be for my students, myself, and their families.

Question:  Does anyone know how to access the WEB LINK found in our text.  For example, on page 19 it says we can download a Portfolio Template on the textbook’s companion website, but the only sites I can find in the front of the text and they didn’t seem to work. 

Thank you, Kelly


  1. Kelly,

    Even though time was a factor for you in your GAME plan progress, you have definitely put a lot of time into thinking through what you still need to research and evaluate before you make a decision. It would be so easy to give up and abandon the idea when you come up against obstacles. It sounds like it will be worth modifying your plan to accomplish your goal. It may take a little more planning and effort on your part not to buy a ready to use program but then you can adjust the portfolios to meet you and your students needs.

    Wow, what a confirmation of how important these portfolios will be to your students as well and you and their parents. As I have been keeping up on your GAME plan and your process about using e-portfolios, I am convinced that I too need to start implementing them. I am really interested in the route that you will end up taking. I probably would not be able to purchase any program so I would have to look into using Microsoft Office or a free software program. Would digital-storytelling be an option? Just a thought. Having the program available for your students and parents on other computers may still be an issue with digital-storytelling too. I would have to check that. Great job! I look forward to reading about your decision.

    1. Daneen,
      I appreciate your thoughts this week. You have a very positive influence coming through in your words, which I could use right now. Also, thanks for the idea of using a different software in order to create portfolios. Digital-storytelling is something I have on my agenda to meet with a colleague about. It could work in lui of purchasing a product, I may use it.