Sunday, February 19, 2012

Final Reflection

Final Reflection

This course has pushed me in ways I never thought possible.  When I heard the word Web 2.0 technologies, it was so alien to me.  Amazingly enough each week that passed I became more and more impressed with my ability to understand what this younger generation is always talking about.  Seven weeks ago I was completely unaware of what Blogs and Wikis meant.  I now understand what they are and how they can be utilized in my classroom. 

In order to meet the needs of students in the 21st century, educators need to create opportunities for students to gain skills in a variety of medias.  This course reiterated the importance of flexible teaching.  My classroom needs to be student centered and I need to act as the facilitator.  Collaboration is one key element for students to have successful futures.  My lessons need to promote discussions among my students and allow them to present their understanding of new materials using a variety of methods. 

My knowledge of learning and teaching technology will continue to grow as I complete my Master’s program.  Signing up for technology newsletters and blogs have provided me with many ideas for incorporating media into the classroom.  I have also joining a colleague of mine in a program that allows us to purchase new technology in which we provide rational for what we are using it for in our classrooms.  Part of the monies from this grant is specifically used for professional development. 

Within the next two years I hope to see a change not only in my classroom, but in my whole school.  Already this year I have suggested a full time lab teacher.  Our students need basic keyboarding skills, so they are able to learn how to research and use social networks in their homeroom classrooms in a more time efficient manner.  As far as my hopes for my own classroom is I want a classroom blog that my students use on a weekly basis to respond to current objectives being taught.  I also would like my students to present at least one research project using technology.

This course has definitely changed the way I feel about technology.  I see technology as a means of connecting my students to the whole world.  Being able to bring the world to my students while sitting in our classroom is amazing. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Digital Natives

I wanted to find out what types of media my students have access to and how much time they spend using it on a daily basis.  I chose 4 students to interview.  I teach 4th grade. I have 28 students primarily of Mexican ethnicity.  My school is also a located in a high poverty area.  Out of all 28 of my students, only 3 have internet access at home, but many have some type of game system.  By interviewing my students I hope to gain understanding at how to better prepare my lessons.